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    What is a Coming Soon Listing?

    If you’re a person who pays attention to yard signs, chances are sometime within the few months you’ve noticed a home with a realtor’s sign and a rider that says COMING SOON on top. Whether the home is condo, townhome, or detached home, it can be a coming soon listing.

    A coming soon lar13617757117251isting is simply a home that where the owner has signed a listing contract with a realtor, but has chosen not to publicly market the home yet.

    Although it may seem counter-intuitive, there are many reasons a seller would choose to list their home as a “Coming Soon” rather than a full-blown listing. Reasons may include their personal schedules, moving plans, availability of their new home, and more.

    Stay tuned to our blog in the next couple of weeks as we explore the benefits of a coming soon listing. There are more benefits to this listing program than you may think!



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