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    What is a Buyer Specialist?

    Whether you’re beginning the home buying process, or just doing research on real estate, here’s a term you’ll inevitably come across: Buyer Specialist. But what does it mean?

    A Buyer Specialist is:Buyer Agent

    • An individual who devotes him/herself to working only with home buyers
    • A person who has toured hundreds of homes throughout the marketplace
    • Someone who can save a home buyer time and money by providing them information on homes throughout the market and expertise on the home buying process
    • A person who can represent a home buyer on negotiations for any property on the market, including for sale by owners
    • An individual surrounded by experts in everything from financing to contract management who are committed to providing excellent service throughout the entire real estate transaction

    So now you know! Stay tuned for more information on why it’s so important to employ a buyer specialist when you’re looking for your next home.

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