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The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Your Home Fast

Looking to make a quick home sale? The market here in Lancaster County is certainly in a good spot to help you achieve this goal. Whether you’re looking to sell a townhouse in Hempfield or a single-family in Manheim Township, to just about any style home in any Lancaster school district, you’ve already got one thing on your side: the market. However, there are certainly other things you should definitely be aware of and consider when getting ready to sell.

DON’T: Try to sell fast on your own. 

There is certainly a time and place to try to sell your home without an agent. However, quick sales typically aren’t a product of selling by yourself. Selling on your own limits your exposure to home buyers on the market, making the time it takes longer for the serious buyers to see that you’re selling.

DO: Partner with an excellent listing agent.

A great listing agent will walk you through every step of the home selling process. They will assist you in getting your home ready to sell, completing all of the necessary paperwork, and then get your home listed on the market. The marketing and exposure that a great listing agent can provide is unmatched and is a sure-fire way to get your home sold quickly.

DON’T: Overprice your property.

Looking around at the home prices that homes are currently selling for in Lancaster can make it very tempting to price your home high. While some homes are certainly selling at higher that usual prices right now, over pricing your home is a sure fire way to watch your home sit on the market, prohibiting the fast sale that you’re looking for.

DO: Price your home competitively with the local market.

This is where that excellent listing agent will come in handy even more. Use your listing agent to assess the prices homes are actually selling for in your local area, and then choose a price that’s competitive. An attractive price is sure to grab the attention of more buyers, getting your home more exposure and therefore a quicker sale.

DON’T: Make it hard for buyers to see your home.

We know, showings can be a pain. You’re expected to have your home clean and leave to let any number of people through your home. It’s no one’s favorite part of the home-selling process; unfortunately, it’s a necessary part. Try to keep your calendar as open as possible. The harder you make it for buyers to see your home, the fewer buyers will see your home and the fewer offers you’ll get.

Following these tips will be a great start in getting your home sold quickly. However if you only listen to one of our tips, we’d mostly highly recommend partnering with an excellent listing agent! A great agent will do everything in their power to meet your needs in getting your home sold quickly. Best of luck!


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