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    Testimonial: An Excellent Seller


    Testimonials are everywhere! Nearly every company website and every retail product for sale features testimonials or reviews. We even have one on our site, here. In fact, after each closing that takes place on our team, we ask clients to provide us with feedback, i.e. a testimonial. Today, however, we’d like to share a testimonial from our perspective regarding a recent client. images

    Recently, we shared several tips on stress-free selling. While we know that most real estate transactions involve stress, there ARE things you can do to make selling your home LESS stressful, such as getting a pre-listing home inspection, appraisal, and staging. Mr. and Ms. Seller (as we’ll refer to them for privacy’s sake) contacted our team last fall when they knew they’d be looking to sell early this year. They followed many of our tips on stress-free selling along with a few other suggestions, and by doing so got excellent results from the sale of their home.

    Here’s what they did:

    They had a pre-listing home inspection. Prior to listing the home, the Sellers had a pre-listing home inspection done. This inspection was shared with our team up front, and we were able to share it with any and all interested parties. When the buyer’s had their own home inspection done, what they requested from the seller ended up being very minimal. Providing that pre-listing home inspection to the buyers up front potentially saved the seller thousands of dollars.

    The home was presented in it’s best condition. From top to bottom, inside and out, the Sellers’ home was ready for showings! The curb appeal was superb with a well-manicured lawn and landscaping, along with clean gutters and siding. The interior featured no clutter, clean rooms, and updated flooring and fixtures. Furniture that was in good condition and staged to show the best use of the rooms spaces. Personal photos and trinkets were removed from the home and stored. Lights were kept on and window coverings opened to allow lots of lighting in the home. Because of all of these things, the photographs of the home were outstanding, and therefore generated a lot of interest quickly, which resulted in immediate showings.

    They listed the home at the recommended price. When Mr. and Ms. Seller decided to list their home with our team, they did so at the price we recommended to them. Listing at the ideal market price, along with all of the other ways the Sellers prepared for the market, got them 16 showings in the first 4 days the home was on the market!

    RESULTThe home sold for over $5,000 above list price in 4 days. As a result of those 16 showings the sellers received 6 competing agreements. They accepted an offer for $5,600 above their asking price on January 11 of this year. Just six weeks later, after a smooth under-contract process, the Sellers settled on the home.

    Whether you’re selling a home in Manheim Township, a condo in Warwick, a townhouse in Penn Manor, or anything in between, you may be able to have a similar experience. Allow this testimonial to be an example of how with some preparation, and the right listing agent by your side, you can have a smooth and sensational home-selling experience.

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