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    Six Winter Home Maintenance Musts

    Although temperatures have been swinging from the teens to the fifties in the previous weeks and the weather has been unpredictable, winter is in fact in full swing here in Lancaster County. We’ve gathered a few winter home maintenance tips it’s good to be aware of through the coming months:bigstock-winter-home-2576021

    Prevent frozen pipes. Cold temperatures mean water can freeze quickly. Frozen water will expand and eventually cause pipes to burst. No body wants to deal with the headache that frozen pipes cause. Be sure to disconnect your outside hoses, and keep your thermostat above 55 degrees even if you’re away.

    Keep paths clear of snow and ice. Not only does this keep your family safe when you’re driving and walking outside, but it also protects your walk ways and driveway from damage.

    Watch out for trees during winter weather. Snow and ice build up on trees can bring down branches you weren’t even aware were loose. Keep an eye on your trees to make sure nothing is drooping. Be sure to clear the path from any branches that look like they may give way.

    Check your storm supplies. Winter storms can mean more power outages. Be prepared with flashlights, batteries, bottled water, and charged up phones.

    Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detector batteries. This is always a good thing to do with the change of seasons to make sure batteries are fresh and everything is working properly.

    Keep heat running smoothly. If you haven’t already, have your furnace serviced to make sure everything is in good working order. Change filters. If you use oil, be sure you’ve got plenty in your tank. You may want to consider blocking any drafty windows and doors so that cool air is not entering your home and making your heating system work even harder.

    Enjoy the rest of winter and stay warm!

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