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Six Reasons to use a Buyer Specialist


Last week we defined what a buyer specialist is – but why use one?

Buying a home in Lancaster County is one of the biggest financial commitments a home buyer will make in his/her lifetime. The home buying process can be complicated and overwhelming, and having a realtor by your side throughout the transaction can be helpful.

Due to laws of agency in Lancaster, there are many things a real estate agent cannot do for you unless you sign a buyer agency contract.

Without buyer representation, a realtor cannot:

  1. Educate you regarding property values or give you their opinion on a specific home’s value
  2. Recommend that the seller be responsible for repairing items at their expense
  3. Recommend that the seller pay a portion of your closing costs at settlement
  4. Discuss negative aspects of a property
  5. Keep any information confidential
  6. Protect you







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