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    My Realtor’s Away, What Now?

    Frequently, we answer the phone here at The Craig Hartranft Team, and hear this: “I’d like to see your listing at 123 Main Street, but the realtor I’m working with is out of town and I can’t reach them. Can you help me?

    Imagine you are that home buyer. You’re looking at houses, comparing, trying to find the best fit both for your physical wants and needs, as well as your financial ones. In the midst of your home searching, your realtor takes a vacation and is unavailable for a week. Inevitably, during that week away, three homes hit the market that look perfect for you! How are you going to see the homes? Who is going to set up your showing, walk you through the property, contact your lender for financing information, or write a contract if you decide you have interest?

    In many cases the answer is this: no one.

    For most individual agents, when they leave town and are on vacations, their clients are left to wait until they return. Unfortunately in markets like today’s, often a week is too long to wait on new homes that enter the market. Often, homes are selling in just days and occasionally with multiple offers. Imagine the frustration of missing out on the perfect home, just because your agent is away.

    Buyers who work with our team, however, have an advantage. When our agents are on vacation, we have several more agents, as well as licensed staff people, available for clients. These fellow team members are able to show homes, write contracts, answer questions, and basically handle things as if your agent is right here in the office. Buyers who work with our team aren’t left to wait for their agent to return until they’re able to receive help, because our agents have a full team of support behind them waiting in the wings to help our clients!

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