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Meet the Team: Sarah Sample

Sarah Samplesarah-sample

Position: Realtor, Buyer Specialist

Start Date with the Team: 2010

Background: Born and raised in Lancaster, PA. Worked as a nurse for many years before changing career paths to become a realtor. Two sons, Ethan and Josiah.

Personal hobbies/interests: Soccer, spending time with family and friends, games, being outdoors

Why Real Estate? I love being a part of the buying process. Being able to help people find the place they call home, the place where they spend time with family and friends and enjoy life in their home. I love when they look at me and say it’s “the one!”

Favorite thing about being a part of The Craig Hartranft Team: The team is my second family. I’m with them more than I am my own family. We genuinely care about each other and our clients.3x6a2823

Craziest thing that’s happened to you while out in the field: I had a cat escape a house I was showing in Holtwood and it was snowing outside. The cat went under the deck and I had to coax it out from under in my dress and heels in the middle of a snow shower!

What one piece of advice would you give to someone looking to sell a home? Make sure whichever agent you choose to be a part of this important process is well educated, experienced, and knows what they’re doing. It’s like being operated on – do you want a surgeon who’s done 6 surgeries or 60?

Who/what has had the biggest impact on your life? My children and my mom. They are my everything. I work hard to provide for them, give them things and have life experiences I couldn’t have had growing up.





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