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    Listing Your Home During the Holidays

    Recently, I covered some reasons why you would buy a home during the holidays. Today I will go over a few reasons why you would sell your home during the holidays.

    There is less competition during the winter. The inventory is less during the winter which means your home could stand out more than in the busy spring season when there are more homes on the market. Usually buyers that are looking in the winter are more motivated because there is probably a reason they need to move, such as a job change.

    Also, with technology, buyers are always looking online and on their smartphones/tablets for new listings. This makes the home buying season year round. With apps like Zillow and, home buyers can access listings with the touch of a button anytime.

    If you’re still not convinced because of your busy schedule during the holidays, try listing your home after the New Year. There will still not be quite as many homes on the market in January as there will be come spring, and the hustle and bustle from the holiday’s will be over.

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