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    Four Benefits of Coming Soon Listings

    Last week, we shared the definition of a coming soon listing. At face value, sometimes the coming soon program can seem counter-intuitive to the goals of a home seller. As promised, we wanted to take a moment to share some of the benefits and why more and more folks are choosing to go this route.Real-Estate-Signage-Coming-Soon

    Reduced stress. Remember, a coming soon listing is not as widely marketed like a typical home for sale, so while some buyers are made aware of your home, they aren’t able to schedule immediate showings. This means less interruption and less inconvenience to your life.

    Get a head start. By listing your home as a coming soon, you are able to begin getting exposure for your home before it’s officially on the market. Agents are made aware of your home for sale, and can share with their buyers who are looking for a home like yours. This also allows you to gauge demand for your home and test-drive your list price by evaluating how many buyers are express interest in your home.

    Build excitement. During the coming soon listing period, showings aren’t allowed, which often simply builds excitement over your home as buyers wait for the day they’re finally allowed to see it.

    Negotiating power. This listing program allows you to have more control over the terms your home is sold for. You hold more negotiating power to make sure you get the best price and terms that suit your needs.

    Whether you have a condo, townhouse, or detached home anywhere from Donegal to Ephrata, Manheim Township to Hempfield, or Warwick to Penn Manor, the coming soon listing program could be a huge benefit to you. Contact us at 717.560.5051 to get more info!


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