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Eight of the Most Expensive Mistakes You’re Making at Your Home

Any homeowner knows, homes cost a decent amount of money to maintain. Sometimes you may wonder if you’re spending too much, or not enough, on your home’s upkeep. Here are some of the most expensive things you may be doing in your home:

  1. Ignoring a leaky faucet. That slow drip may not be bothering you much, and can be somewhat easy to ignore. But a leaky faucet at one drip per second can waster more than 3.000 gallons per year (over 150 showers!). Fixing the leak isn’t only cost effective for your water bill, but also great for the environment.
  2. Not adjusting your air vents. Do you have some rooms in your house that run hotter or colder than others? Before you touch your thermostat, try adjusting your air vents. This allows air to flow through the home more evenly and can save on your electric or gas bills.
  3. Using traditional light bulbs. Still using traditional incandescent bulbs? CFL bulbs use $41 of electricity over their life span, and LED bulbs just $30 over their span, as compared to $180 for an incandescent bulb. Consider how many light bulbs you have in your home, then consider the savings!
  4. Leaky windows and doors. Windows and doors are great places for cool air to seep in (or hot air in the summer). Consider caulking or installing rubber seals around these areas to keep the air out and help regulate your home’s temperature.
  5. High water heater temperature. Unless your water heater is tankless, your water is being heated all day long. Keep an eye on the temperature, and consider lowering it in the warmer months and raising it in the colder seasons.
  6. The wrong size and/or dirty air filters. Perhaps you’re at the store, grab some new filters for your HVAC system, and realize you’ve got the wrong size. Returning is a pain so you just use them anyway; what’s the harm, right? Well, the wrong size air filter in your HVAC system – or a dirty filter – can increase your utility bills and potentially cause long term issues in your system down the road. Make sure you’re using the right filters, and changing them often.
  7. Not adjusting your air temperature. It’s likely you’re away from you house for several hours a day. If you aren’t adjusting your thermostat during those hours, you are wasting a lot of money on your utility costs. Consider investing in a programmable thermostat, and adjusting your temperature after you leave home and again before you return.
  8. Ignoring Curled Shingles. Curled shingles can be a sign of issues with your roof. Repairing them as soon as possible can help lead to larger – and more expensive – problems down the road.

Consider using some of these tips to save costs on your home today.


Source: RIS Media’s HouseCall article originally posted October 25, 2016.





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