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8 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Around here in Lancaster we’ve been inundated with rain for what feels like weeks. Although today is another rainy day, tomorrow’s calling for sun so we are getting into summer mode! Summer, after-all, is less than a month away! Whether you live in a single-family home in Manheim Township, a semi-detached in Hempfield, a townhome in Warwick – or anything in between – we’ve got some tips for how to get your home ready for a great summer.

Have your AC serviced. If you have central air, now is a great time to have your air conditioning system serviced by your favorite local HVAC pro. Make sure everything is in working order before we hit those sweltering dog days of summer.

Replace your smoke detector batteries. We recommend doing this at least every 6 months, so take a minute to switch out those batteries to keep everyone safe throughout the summer months.

Re-pot house plants. Grab some fresh potting soil and take a few minutes to get your growing house plants into new pots and new soil. This will give them room to grow and a fresh new home to soak up that summer sun.

Patch your lawn. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to lay down any sod or grass seed to patch any bald spots happening in your lawn. The longer you wait, the more likely weeds are to take over.

Get your mower up and running. It’s likely you’ve already done this part. All the rain here in Lancaster has sure kept our grass growing. Regardless, it’s a good idea to replace the oil, give it some fresh gas, check the spark plugs, and give your mower (and other lawn equipment) some TLC before you really get into the thick of things.

Clean out gutters and downspouts. Make sure gutters and down spouts are clear from all the falling leaves and branches brought down by the fall and winter, so that the spring and summer rains can flow clearly though the spouts and away from your house.

Clean the grill. Even if your grill is stored or covered for the colder months, chances are it could still use a good clean. You can pick up grill cleaning supplies at your local home improvement store. Get that grill in tip top shape so you can enjoy it all season. Grilling is one of our favorite ways to enjoy summer!

Break out the outdoor furniture. Time to unpack and set up your outdoor spaces with your favorite outdoor furniture. Hose it off and you’re ready to sit back and enjoy the warm weather!





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